Architecture Love: Spanish Colonial Revival

Spanish-Style-House-With-Big-Trees   I don’ t know about you, but when I see beautiful architecture I always wonder where it started or how the trend made it big. Maybe it’s my fascination with history or just the fact that I have to know what I am appreciating, I always research the origins.

I live in South Florida and we have a Mediterranean trend down here and I am certainly not complaining. More specifically, I have a true appreciation for Spanish Colonial Revival architecture also known as Mediterranean Revival. We were one of two states, the other being California that exploded with the Spanish Colonial style homes. The boom started back in the mid 1900′s and lasted throughout the 1930′s.

When I see homes like this, I think of Old Hollywood glamour. This is probably because Old Hollywood was around when Spanish Revival was a thing (Genius concept, I know.) I love a house with character; a home with design built into its fiber.  I can swoon over the rounded archways, mosaic tiles, wood stained high beams, pinks, blue and green flowers and plants jumping out at you against the white washed walls, all day.

Case in point. Diane Keaton’s former home.

diance keaton

Or Cheryl Crow’s Casa

cheryl crow casa


…..Or if you’re not a movie star and can’t afford a multi-million dollar home. This might be more suitable.

Spanish Style house

Just kidding. That was Mitzi Gaynor’s home. Yours for only 5.5 million.

Even the smaller, quaint houses in this style are priced really high because we just don’t see this kind of attention to detail much anymore. Once these houses go on the market, they are sucked up before you can click refresh. It doesn’t matter how terrible your day, week or month has been, this kind of atmosphere is pure medicinal. With the back drop of the sun, you feel like you’ve stepped into paradise.  spanish colonial house patio What is your favorite style? xoxo Ashleyfacebooktwittergoogle_pluslinkedinrssyoutubeby feather

3 ways to style a Coffee Table

It feels so good to be back. With being a mom and starting my own business, the blog took a hit and I inadvertently surrendered it to the internet wolves. During my absence, they must have been hungry because all of my previous posts have been eaten up in cyber space somewhere, never to return. But in a way it feels good to start fresh. I feel liberated in being able to write what I want, when I want with no expectation. This is my own corner of the world and it makes me happy

In resurrecting the blog, I thought coffee tables were a good place to start. Who doesn’t like a well-set coffee table? Fitting that this is THE DRAWING ROOM, every good gathering place has a coffee table. Although admittedly, I don’t have one at the moment. My humble abode is severely suffering because of it. My little terror of a toddler would love to feast on all things breakable and tear-able. In the meantime, dreaming and planning will have to suffice. Typically, when I want to buy something, I do what most of us do; consult pinterest.    

I’ve always adored a well set coffee table. For me, it’s like the icing on the cake, the honey in my tea, the cream in my coffee….ok, enough already.

But how do you set a table? What makes one stand out from the rest? For me, it’s 3 things:

1.Coffee table books that fit your personality and interests.

2.Flowers or some kind of natural element

3. Glass or Ceramic decorative accents

Then, you want to build up by layering each section; books, flowers and or accents.

Choose a color scheme and make sure at least one color is in at least two sections.

Depending on your table shape you will want to make sections of 3 or 4. I found several photos of styles that I love. 

Coffee Table style

coffee table 2

coffee table 2Ok, I am ready for my table now. If only I can convince Liam to leave it alone. ; )

I’m thrilled to be back.

Happy Table Styling!!!

xoxo Ashley

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